The Best Starburst Slots Sites

Brought to you by Net Entertainment, Startburst Slots is a non-progressive slot game with five-reels and 10 paylines. When it first came out, the critics were not too sure of how this slot game would be perceived. However, Startburst slots never disappointed their players. Right from the word go, Startburst slots won its players over with its mere simplicity, exceptional background music and attractive theme. With an intergalactic theme that will take you to outer-space, and back, its various symbols are quite attractive and pleasing on the eyes.

Their regular symbols are purple, yellow, green, orange and yellow gemstones, seven and bar symbols. These sparkling gems will leave you mesmerised. Their win both ways, along with the expanding Starburst wild symbol will ensure that you have a great game-not to be forgotten.

Game Setting Options

Before you start playing the Starburst game, you can customise your game so that it’s comfortable and convenient when you play it. To change the default settings of the game, you’ll need to look for a spanner icon in the game panel. Clicking that will display all the various setting options.

There are about seven primary settings that you can modify as per your requirement. The first option is Spacebar to Spin. If you’d like to use your spacebar for spinning the reels, then you can turn this function on, or else, you can turn it off. The next option is something called as the Intro Screen. If you’re playing this slot for the first time, then this option will help you figure out all the game options, but, if you’re a regular and have played this slot game a number of times, then you can choose to put it off.

The third option is the Ambeince Sound. Some people like listening to some background music while playing the slots. If you don’t want the sound and you feel it makes you lose your concentration, then you can turn this option off. Sound Effect is the fourth option. This option makes specific sounds to indicate any major event that occurs in this game. It also has an on/off option. The fifth option is a rather crucial option. If you’re playing this game where the internet connection is poor, you can choose to turn off the Graphics Quality.

The next option is animations, which you can choose to turn on/off. The last option is of Game History. This lets you lets you look at your latest game history.

Since this is a product of Net Entertainment, all the online casinos that are powered by them will feature this game. So, you’ll have no issue playing this game. All you need to do is register at any one of those online casinos and start playing.

Skill Stop Feature

All the Net Entertainment games have something called as Skill Stop Feature. Hence, you’ll find that it’s available in the Startburst slots as well. This is an added feature that’s provided to its players. When the reel starts spinning, you can use this feature to stop the spinning of the reel mid-way itself. There’s a green button that is called the Spin Button.

If you don’t want to use this feature, you don’t have to as the reel will stop spinning automatically when its time is done. But, in case you wish to stop it before that, this feature is extremely helpful. So, while the reel is spinning, if you feel there are chances of creating a winning combo before it reaches the end, you can quickly hit the Spin Button, and it will stop spinning. This is an optional feature, and you may choose not to use it.